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Ikeja electricity distribution company prepaid meter and how to apply for it.

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Well it is no longer story the issues of estimated billings and the pain people through to pay for the bills they didn't use only to be slammed with by Ikeja electricity distribution company, they will say they are reading the consumer meter but you will wonder when that was done or if it was even done at all, maybe they will just look at your fine house and slammed you with a good bill that befits the building just like the policeman will look at your fine and mighty car and fine you for over-usage of the road.

Well, that aside, I am really tired of their estimated billing because am not running a factory, so I am running to go and get my prepaid meter. so for those who are like me and want to run from their clutches, here is how to process and get yours

For those in Lagos but not all part of Lagos go to , if you want to know their coverage or you are not located in Lagos check this post by one of our members for yours ,

and you will be taken to the page shown below:


Input your account number into the red side of the box as indicated by the arrow, if it is correct, it will display the name on the bill  and ask you to input email and set a password, once this is done, it will then give you room to login with your account number and password and take you  to the page for you to  make corrections where necessary and add additional informations that were not previously included like phone number, email and also upload your means of identification which must be one of the identification issued by the government(i.e. international passport, driver's license, national i.d card or voters card) which must be valid because if not they will not approve your KYC page.

You can choose to wait for them to approve it before you proceed or you can proceed, the choice is yours but the next page is debt resolution if you are still owning, you will be given the option of clearing your debt at once and collecting a discount of 10% or clearing it in the installments and getting a 6% discount or just paying some amount and forget the discount or you disagree with the amount you are seeing their like me and they will invite you to their office for dispute resolution, but all that one na story o.

Once you have agreed and paid, either through a bank or using your card to pay online on their site, if you pay through a bank, just scan the teller and login again on their site to upload your scanned teller so that they can confirm your payment. Once your payment is confirmed, they will send people to your residence to know whether you will need a single-phase meter or three-phase meter and alert you to pay accordingly to a specified bank the stipulated amount.

For your information single-phase meter cost N38,850, while three-phase meter cost N70,350 all VAT inclusive. 

But I thought it was meant to be free, I don't understand where the cost came in since it still remains the government property. Help me out o.



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Thank you for this great information, I will start my own process now, At least I will be able to pay for what I am using and not just what someone thinks am using. Moreover, their manner of giving us light is very poor and yet we had to be in total blackout for close to three weeks due to theft of our transformer cable which we had to be taxed N500 per house to buy. This Nigeria self, the transformer is the government property yet we have to pay to get it. We are really upside down in this country.

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Nice information but let me give you and others a better way listed in an orderly fashion below:

1. Go to and create a profile there using your account number, please this is not your bank account number but the account number written on your monthly bill.

2. Once this is done, you will be shown your indebtedness to Ikeja electric if you are owning and ask to select one of the options of clearing the debt at once and collecting a discount or clearing the debt installments and a third option of paying some certain amount but the issue is that you must pay some amount of money to them either using your card online or going to the bank to pay using your teller but if you are using the bank, please make sure you write the IEM number generated by the system during your sign up with them online using the link in step one.

3. if you have used the bank to pay, scan your teller and upload it on the profile you created using step 1. if not just jump to step 4. The truth is their online payment platform doesn't work, I tried it several times, so in the end, I had to resort to payment through the bank.

4. Wait for 2week so that the people from the prepaid meter side can come and survey your residence to know the type of prepaid meter necessary(i.e. single phase or 3 phase), Please in most cases, they will not show up to do the survey, you can wait for months on end for this to happen, so what you are to do is to go to Mojec office at cell express( they are the contractor for Ikeja electric and Eko). the office is just beside Mojec filling station along Oshodi Apapa expressway just a stone throw from Cele express bus stop. 

A little direction, if you are at Cele express bus stop, just pretend you want to walk to Oshodi or Iyana Isolo, the Mojec office and filling station is on your left but if you are coming from Oshodi or Iyana Isolo the office is on your right before getting to Cele express bus stop.

5. On getting to their office, show them the evidence of having completed the online process stated in step 1 with the evidence of print out, they will conduct the survey here and there and give you the account number for payment. so please don't wait any longer after the 2 weeks grace.

6. Make your payment and wait for another 14 working days for the confirmation of your payment, please if you didn't get anything from them after that, head to their office again so that you can know the problem.

these are the easy steps for you to take, if I am to review or rate Ikeja electric on their performance, it will be -100%, they are not efficient at all, I wish I can generate my own power cheaply so that there won't be any need for them.




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