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cormart renew instant cold water starch

I could remember when this was the innovation of our time, I mean you just having to open a sachet of this and pour inside cold water and not hot water and then dipping your cloth inside it and spread compared to the buying of this our local starch sold in the market and preparing it like you are preparing pap before you can use it on your shirt or whatever cloth you want to starch.

Cormart renew starch was very innovative by taking off the stress of starching shirts or any clothes and it was very easy to use, in fact, it was my favourite in the market back then but the spray starch has taken that spot, for now, although when am low on cash, I would go for Cormart renew instant cold water starch because it is very cheap compared to those spray starches.

Cormart renew instant cold water starch comes in sachets, a sachet can conveniently starch two to three shirts because the starch in the water will gradually reduce after you take out a shirt and won’t be that starchy anymore.

The starch it leaves on the fabric is moderate so that ironing can be easy, unlike our local starch that turns clothes to a carton and makes ironing difficult, overall the product is cheap and of good quality, the only thing I can say that this product needs improvement upon is the fragrance which is not too strong nor last longer on the clothe.

Ingredients used in this product include modified starch and fragrance and it is proudly made by Cormart Nigeria Limited, located at Plot A, Block 2, Illupeju Industrial Estate, Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, Illupeju, Lagos, Nigeria.

cormart renew instant cold water starch.


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