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Easy On spray starch

I could still remember back then when we want to starch our clothes, we will go to the market and buy the starch, then boil water and prepare the starch like you are preparing pap that you want to drink, only that this one will be lighter. But if you want your clothes to very rigid like a carton, then you will need to prepare the starch to be thicker, so the rule we used back then was that the lighter the prepared starch, the lighter the starch on your clothes and the thicker the prepared starch, the firmer the starched clothes which most times leads to problems during ironing.

This is was later revolutionized to give us the cold water starch which doesn’t need you to boil water for its preparation but rather just empty the sachet starch into cold water and stir after which you can dip the clothes to be starch into the water and just spread to dry. This makes the starching of clothes to become easier but ironing might still be a problem due to the clothes being too hard to ironing.

Then we now have an excellent product that takes care of all that, no boiling of water nor do you have to worry about the clothes being too stiff for the iron, these products are generally called spray starch and just as their name implies, you just have to spray them on your clothes while iron there are so many brands of this product in the market but I will be writing on a particular brand here called “Easy On “spray starch. This is a product by Reckitt Benckiser



I have used this product for quite some time now and will like to share a brief review of it here. The product Easy On spray starch is very good, a canister of it can iron four good shirts leaving them very firm and crisp and it doesn’t leave any stain on the clothes and it doesn’t time for it to dry and leave a scent I have fallen in love with.

For those that have not use any spray starch before, the way it operates is that you spray it like the way you spray your insecticides in your house but in this case on your shirt if that what you are ironing at that point till it shows signs of dampness, then iron it till it dries thereby making the fabric firm and at the same time smooth.

The only problem I have with this product is that it coats the surface of the iron itself thereby making me have to scrap it off after some time due to the fact that it will start making the fabric and the iron to stick together during ironing.