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Operation Amotekun has been having some controversial issues since its inauguration on the 9th of this month, from the absence of three of the south-west governors even though it will alleged that they had the intention to be at the inauguration but due to one thing or the other, it was not possible to the police issuing a statement that the security personnel of Amotekun will be arrested if caught with illegal firearms and finally to the speculations that the security outfit will be used for political reason.

Still on this, the south-west senators have said that they were not even carried along during the initial planning and even the inauguration of the security outfit, they wondered why this should have happened and said they got to know about the security outfit in the print media.

Chairman of the south-west caucus in the red chamber Prof. Ajayi Boroffice disclose that they were not part of operation Amotekun and were not briefed officially by the south-west governors on the issue, he said they are worried about the shoddy way the operation was launched without informing all important stakeholders.

Another senator from the south-west zone said that the governors should be blamed if operation Amotekun fails due to leaving out critical stakeholders in the planning of the outfit and that they are even worried that when they resume plenary sessions and their colleagues starts asking questions about operation Amotekun, they wouldn’t know what to say since they were not part of the deliberations and inauguration.


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Am shocked to read this, even the OPC operatives that were drafted for the security operative would have known about this months before the inauguration, not to talk of the senators; Are they saying that they don't have friends among the governors themselves since they are in the same geopolitical zone? even if they were not told, I believe they must have heard but hoped that the idea will not see the light of the day, that's why they were shocked to read it in the print media.


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