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Operation Amotekun was launched yesterday in Ibadan the Oyo state capital, although three governors from the southwest region were not present at the inauguration, the others governors and other dignitaries were present and the event went on as smoothly as possible, the reason given by some of the absent governors include bad weather and local politics.

Operation Amotekun is a security outfit initiated by the south-west governors(i.e. Governors of Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, and Osun state) due to the incessant killings and kidnapping happening across the state, the security outfit is expected to track the activities of kidnappers or even ritualist using the local vigilante force like the OPC, the local farmers and report to the appropriate authority for immediate action.

The action of this security outfit is very synonymous with the term community policing wherein the community dwellers are expected to report any suspicious activities happening around their environment to the appropriate authority for immediate action, this is very effective because the community dwellers know each and everyone even by name and knows the activities of each and everyone surrounding them including the terrain which the security agencies are normally not aware of.

Contrary to what some insinuations from some quarters that the security outfit will be acting like region police, this rumor has been debunked and the security outfit will not do the work of the already constituted police force but would rather aid the surveillance and capture of suspected criminal by the police.

Well, operation Amotekun has come to stay just like the Lagos state neighborhood watch, but what do you think about this initiative? And I will also like to know if you have experienced a situation where the Lagos state neighborhood watch has to facilitate the capture of a criminal or even prevent the occurrence of a crime.


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