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Nigeria Police chain man to pick-up van and drag him him around town.  

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The Nigeria police, a government arm charged with the responsibility of keeping law and order in the society and bringing criminals to face the long arm of the law are already gaining a bad reputation for trying to be the arm of the law itself.

this is coming on the heels of a lot of extra-judicial killings being perpetrated by this organ of the government and their misconduct in the society at large.

The Nigerian Police has just earn itself another bad reputation when a video of the men of the Nigeria police force of the Edo state command, Esigie division, base 2 was shown in a video with a man handcuffed to their pick up van dangling close to the tires of their vans and yet they could be heard in the background arguing the sanity of their action.

Also another report from the same state of a DPO of the Nigeria police force belting a grandmother to unconsciousness. this makes me wonder whether they were not taught the coursey of dealing with humans in the police college or the sanctity of human life?

Well, its high time the Nigeria police start to reorientate their men so that they can do their job better. 

You can watch the video here:

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