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RIC 10 hand sanitizer is another hand sanitizers in the market that one might have to make a choice whether to purchase it or not, but before you make that decision, let me tell you some of my observation made while using RIC 10 hand sanitizer product and you can then decide if it is really good or not.

ALCOHOL PERCENTAGE: The alcohol percentage in RIC 10 hand sanitizer is very high, according to the manufacturer, it contains 90.05% of alcohol and that is one of the very first things I noticed when I applied it on my hands, the smell of alcohol is really overwhelming but the good part is that is what is very necessary for hand sanitizers because nothing thrives in alcohol, the alcohol will dehydrate the germs and bacteria thereby killing them and leaving you very clean from them.

TIME TO DRY: The time taken by RIC 10 alcohol to dry on your hands is quite minimal, although I have used hand sanitizers that dry faster than that, the good thing is the way your hands will feel after RIC 10 hand sanitizer had dried off, this is the feeling “my hands feel dry and slippery without being wet” this is the first time a hand sanitizer gives me such a feeling and it is actually commendable.

To finally end this review, RIC 10 hand sanitizer is very okay for use during this pandemic period so that we would have germs following us around and thereby passing it to our family members and RIC 10 hand sanitizer contains vitamin E.

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