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How would you rate the service of hotels in Nigeria?  

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Nigerians don't patronize hotels that much or should I say that they don't know the difference when it comes to hotels, motels, guest houses or anything that relates to tourism because they don't either travel much or that they travel only to their village which means that they don't patronize the hotels or motels that much.

For an average Nigerian, there is no difference between a hotel or a motel, all na the same to him because he/she doesn't know. The quality of service of a hotel is always superior to that of a motel because they are meant to just cater to travelers that don't want to stay for too long in that place and therefore don't have the facilities for over comfortable stay.

Well the hotel, I have lodged is not that much but what I can say about their service is that they are moderately good, what I can say is that their service is also tied the price tag of the room you are paying for. The prices are very moderate like N4000-N5000 per room a night, which is without a meal.

Well, hotels in Nigeria are very good in their service because even the Nigerians are very hospitable themselves and if I may add respectably.

Well, let me add, not everyone that lodge in a hotel is doing it for sexual reasons.