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Golden Goose Shoes feel like pure luxury

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The miniskirt is here to stay. His vision for his new brand encompasssed body positivity, sustainability, and tech, but at its heart were the women he hoped to dress. There are shopping outings that Golden Goose Shoes feel like pure luxury: aimlessly wandering shops and boutiques, discovering new brands, trying on pieces in hopes of finding something that makes the heart sing. Something that I always love about fashion is that at every show, you are a different character. This season all eyes are on accessories, specifically hats boaters and beanies, glitzy jewelry, and handbags. Follow along as James Kung, Lee Shou Chih, and Shawn Sun scope out the best street style at the shows, and follow along for our daily updates.

With so many jobs in the fashion industry, it's no surprise that he has killer personal style to boot. The collection also includes some covetable pieces that take inspiration from classic American style too. Magugu's collection stays true to the sensibility that Elbaz was nurturing at AZ Factory, but it's equally representative of his own aesthetic. You'll note that Magugu's logo, a sisterhood emblem depicting a pair of women holding hands, features as a belt buckle detail on the handkerchief hem pleated skirts he specializes in, and again as stainless steel hardware in a cut out at the neckline of a dress in the engineered knit that Elbaz had been developing.

The front rows, as usual, made the headlines at the fall 2022 runway shows. and all eyes Golden Goose Sale were on Rihanna. Sure, head-to-toe red, white, and blue can read as a little much. The perfect way of incorporating the old stars and stripes might be how it's done here, with small showings like the inside lining of a pair of jeans and crafty touches in the form of star spangled screen printing and embroidery. The proportion play is almost cartoonish like a video game vixen, the silhouette knows exactly where to exaggerate and where to cinch, contrasting gigantic fluff coats with slender flared leggings, and maniacally slender waxed leather corsets with the lowest of low rise pants. Once you get past the immediate and delicious pang of the foxy little toppers, you'll find an expanded multiverse.

What is truly so fantastic about blue-jean anything is that it's a blank slate. It's a canvas meant to be taken up by any group and adopted as uniform. It will be hard, at first viewing, to move past the cat hats in fall 2022 collection especially when Charlotte Knowles and Alexandre Arsenault join a video call wearing their own cute knitted styles. The result of many years of perfecting, the hats nod to Harajuku and raver aesthetics, pulled Golden Goose Stardan right from the pages of Fruits magazine and the pair's own club kid lifestyle.

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