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Due to some of our users asking for more use of this great forum, we have decided to add free business exposure for our users, As you all know that Ipadewa slogan is "creating market awareness",  and so in line with this, we have dedicated a forum for business owners to showcase their business or services and therefore attract new clients.

This business exposure is done in the following way:

The business owner creates a post using the name of my business in the "business gist" forum, what the post should contain will be the following:

1. Nature of business( this can be done with a brief summary of the business)

2. Pictures or videos of previous works done for clients to give more credibility to your expertise(if you are just starting up don't worry about this)

3.Contact of your business which can be phone numbers, email address, office address, or even link to your company website if you have one.

You can check this link for one that had been done already:

4. After this, please share your business link with clients that you have worked for before for positive reviews as this will give more credibility to your business and draw more new clients.


1. You will be listed on google search for your business name as a full page will be dedicated to your business.

2. If you are yet to have your own website for your business, this will stand in place for that until you are ready for it.

3. Our numerous subscribers will be aware of your business and patronize you.

4. The service is absolutely free.


So what are you waiting for? jump on board now.


1. Any legitimate business is welcome or if you are a provider of services, you are allowed also.

2. Any fraudulent link will be removed.

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Hello everyone! People need video files transcribed for a variety of reasons. Whether you are a legal professional who relies on having recorded depositions turned into text, or a journalist looking to pull that perfect quote from a long interview, you need accurate video transcription. Previously, the act of taking recorded video and turning it into text was tedious and done only manually. Technology is changing things. In the last decade, the video transcript service has exploded with a variety of agencies that provide both automated and human-created transcriptions!

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