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Good day everyone and hope you are enjoying your moments here, just as you have now known that ipadewa forum is a forum for every consumers, worker, and producers of goods or services, it, therefore, calls for a brief tutorial on how to use any of the forum to post any news, articles or even an introduction on your goods or services, I can assure you that this is very easy.

To create a post on any of ipadewa forums, all you have to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Become a registered member

Yes you will need to become a registered member by clicking on the register bar shown below


Once you click on it, it will take you to this page


Pick a username and fill in a functional email address and check the three boxes(i.e. I’m not a robot, I have read and agree to the forums rules and I have read and agree to the terms and privacy. Once these are done, click register and then check your email for your reset password link sent to your inbox, please if you cannot find it in your inbox, check your spam and click it to reset your password and you are ready to start posting on any of our forums.

But if you are already a registered user, all you have to do is just to click on the login button and supply your username and password and check the box “I’m not a robot” please give it some time to either give you a brief test (normal google captcha) or to automatically change to the correct sign. Then you are ready to post.


Locate the forum of your choice, and click the add topic button on the forum


It will load a page for you, which looks like this:


Under each topic are forums that you can choose to post your topic, so select the relevant forum, like from the picture above, the blue line is resting on the beauty products forum because that’s where the cursor is at that moment. So if I select it, whatever I will post will show under the beauty products forum. After making your selection, you will be directed to this page


You can see the topic title and the blank area for your post, you can either start typing here immediately or if you have typed before, do a copy and paste into the topic title box and the bigger box underneath it for the body of the post. The only thing left after this is to correct errors, that is if your post contains errors, which are quite frequent.


Normally it will highlight errors even the way it is, but if your post is lengthy and you don’t want to be scrolling up and down all the time, just click this button


As you can see, my text are already highlighted showing errors that mean corrections due to the fact that am using Grammarly but the full text is not showing and I don’t want to be scrolling up and down, notice the black box showing fullscreen point to a symbol, that’s the button, just click that button and it will give you a full-screen editing like this


Which makes it easier for your editing but once you are done, you must exist using the same button before you can post.


The hashtags are used for arrangement of posts, to show that post are related, if you are posting anything on the presidency, you can use #muhammadu since that’s the name of our president and also you can use it to popularize your post, by using the hashtag of a popular post so that more viewers will get to see your post.

Once you are done with this, you can then hit the post button if your post does not include an image and an admin will approve your post so that people will be able to view it but if it will contain an image, I will show you how to place images in your post strategically in the next post.

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It’s really useful post, thanks for sharing your information See more details… Latest Mailing Database

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very useful. thanks

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Thank you for this detailed article how to post on this forum. Now I can do it very easy I hope

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