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How to Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone

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Have you ever deleted a message on your iPhone and decided you want that deleted message back? Once you've deleted the messages you want to recover, the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS make it easy to recover deleted text messages on both iPhone and iPad. And if it is easier with calls, because it is enough to use , then with messages everything is different. As long as the deleted messages are within 30 days, you can find them on your iPhone or iPad to recover and read the deleted messages again. It works to recover all iPhone messages, whether they are iMessages, text messages, media, photos, videos, or more, as long as the message is in the Messages app on the iPhone or iPad. 


The approach shown here to recover deleted messages on iPhone and iPad is completely done on the device, it does not require restoring the device from a backup or using third-party software. 


Recovering deleted messages on iPhone and iPad 

Recovering deleted messages directly on iPhone or iPad is very easy, here's all you need to do: 

 1) Open the Messages app 

 2) Tap "Edit" on the chat home page. corner 

 3) Tap Show Recently Deleted 

 4) Find the message threads / conversation(s) you need and then tap on “Recover”


If you now return to the main message chat, deleted messages will be available again in the thread list. If you delete a certain message from a thread, it will appear in the entire thread where it was before it was deleted. 


The only real requirement to recover messages deleted in this way is that the iPhone or iPad has a modern version of the system software, which is iOS/iPadOS 16 or later. Older versions do not have this feature, but they can recover deleted messages if they are available from old backups. This process is quite different from the one discussed here, but it has some disadvantages, so we will cover it separately in another article. 


This is very useful if you accidentally deleted a message or if you deleted a text because of an emotional reaction and after you cooled down you decided you wanted it back. It can also be useful for digital forensics, whether you're gathering evidence or simply need a record of deleted messages. 


Remember that once you delete a message, you have 30 days to recover it, although Apple mentions that you can have up to 40 days from the date the original message was deleted. 

Please note that you cannot use this feature to recover unsent messages as they are not technically deleted.


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