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iPhone Vibrating Randomly? – Best Ways to Fix

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Does your iPhone vibrate randomly? Then you should check these best tips to solve the problem. Many users also call it to ghost vibration. The iPhone vibrates even if there is no notification, call, or message. Or even when you use your favorite apps like . It looks like there is a new notification, but nothing really. 

The cause may be a bug in any application installed on the Apple iPhone. It could also be the version of iOS running on your iPhone. There may be an error in this. There may be glitches in the iOS settings that can cause such vibration. 


Here are various fixes to fix your iPhone randomly shaking problem. 

  1. Update iOS 

Half of iPhone error problems can be caused by a faulty iOS version installed on the device. Bugs are more common when it comes to beta versions of iOS. So be sure to update to the latest version of iOS as soon as the developers release it. 

  1. Go to Settings > General > tap on Software Update. 
  2. Then tap Download and Install when a new version of iOS is available. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue the installation. 


  1. Restart iPhone 

You can fix your iPhone randomly vibrating by restarting it. Because it has often been proven to fix random crashes in iOS. 

  1. Press the side button. 
  2. You will see Slide to Power Off. Drag the slider. 
  3. Wait a few seconds and press the power button to restart your iPhone. 


  1. Install the latest update for all apps 

Today everyone installs more than a dozen apps on their iPhone. Now you cannot individually check if there is a bug in the app. 

This can cause an issue where the iPhone vibrates randomly. So, the best way to manage this is to update the App Store apps on time. With every application running on its latest version, the chances of bugs are almost non-existent. 

  1. Launch the App Store. 
  2. Tap your Apple ID profile picture in the upper right corner. 
  3. Click Update next to any app with a new update available. 

Whether psychological or technical, it's weird when your iPhone vibrates without a notification. Now you can fix your iPhone's randomly vibrating problem with the tips and tricks mentioned in this guide.


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