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Perhaps we should even wish society to join

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His path consists of investigating the unknown and controlling the small but important piece that remains free to form. Education must have the primary responsibility of equipping us with the weapons that will help us most effectively on this path. Watching the always sincere and honorable if usually contradictory and mutually canceling efforts of the people politicians and academics who determine the content and goals of this education I feel despair and helplessness like in the worst nightmares. Perhaps because I have felt the deviation for many years final and the solution virtually impossible.

The feeling becomes more painful when I think that the regulators of education are also living their own part in their own personal adventure captives of the same education. An education that according to a completely unfair and illogical division of time requires a third of one's life and is dedicated to Canada Phone Number List collecting data to deal with the rest of it. Which means that a wrong choice will have tragic consequences and that the person will feel that time does not allow for waste to change direction. But when education is treated as a collection of knowledge as it is today its failure is certain since the amount of knowledge even in a specific field is so great that it is impossible to master.

The transformation of education from a tool of education and from a life supply to a license to practice a profession creates people who are afraid unfree and trapped in choices made without even the subsequent supply of knowledge. After all the intended harmonization of education with the demands of society commits a series of errors the main of which is that these demands change frequently and unpredictably playing with the choices based on them that it is not fair for the individual to regulate his personal adventure with oriented towards society that by society we usually mean market society and finally that the trainees are an equivalent part of society with requirements no less important because they move outside the circle of production.



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