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BMs with an international license often offer more favorable terms than Russian betting shops. And it's not even worth mentioning that Russian legal online casinos simply do not exist. Therefore, those who like to spend time gambling have to choose from foreign offers. A promising direction in this case are Indian casinos and bookmakers with a Curacao license. Such as BetAndYou.

First of all, customers from other countries are bribed by the opportunity to use the site in their native language. Many services do not bother much about this, offering users to choose from Hindi and English. And an incorrect transfer, in turn, can cause an unsuccessful bet. So, the presence of Russian text on the site is very valuable.

The next advantage is a large number of currencies and payment systems. You can choose the best option so as not to lose a huge percentage when withdrawing. A cryptocurrency game is also available.

And last but not least, the increased welcome bonus. Every player who indicates a BetAndYou promo code when registering can get it. This will allow the client to earn up to 143€, which can be spent on betting or spins.



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