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The Hidden Mystery Behind DIGITAL MARKETING

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You can find "tips and tricks" and "how to" techniques all over the place in the "fashionable" field of digital marketing. And this could be a wonderful thing. But regardless of your level of expertise in digital marketing, I believe that learning from practical examples, from real-world case studies, and businesses could be very helpful.

Digitalization has significantly changed some aspects of traditional methods of marketing goods and services, even though they may not be completely obsolete. If you break down digital marketing, it is actually quite the opposite of what it may sound like—a fat, umbrella term with multiple layers of complexity.

According to the experts from Astros Digital, The secret is creating the ideal digital marketing plan. SEO, social media marketing, influencer marketing, website design, and other elements are all included in a comprehensive strategy.

While putting together the "perfect" marketing mix, even experienced marketers occasionally overlook a few secrets and realities that are sandwiched in between all of these elements. Therefore, what are these secrets? Many of them are probably people you already know. However, let's find out anyhow.

Engagement rates outperform follower counts in influencer marketing
In a world dominated by social media and viral content, influencers with a sizable global following and a range of sociocultural backgrounds are in charge.

These people include musicians and movie stars, as well as bloggers, YouTubers, and even young people who become famous over night due to a viral video. Influencer marketing is now being used by brands and online businesses to connect with audiences around the world and increase website traffic. They accomplish this through paid endorsements and collaborations.

But does influencer marketing actually yield a return on investment? Are you, as a marketer, actually able to connect with the "right" target market for your website or product? What matters most is how many people interact with their posts.

If a large following does not result in high engagement rates, it is useless. Because of this, you can tell how valuable the influencer's content is and whether it will help you achieve your goals. It would be best to confirm that an influencer's fan base matches your brand personas and customer profiles before working together.
It will support ensuring relevance and a higher return on your campaign investment. Moreover, give post engagement rates more weight than follower counts.

SEO is a time-consuming process.

For a website to receive more both high-quality and quantity traffic, SEO is crucial. The majority of marketers spend a fortune developing a strong SEO strategy with the expectation that they will see results quickly. In fact, it takes time to reach the top of SERPs.

Quality optimization calls for a lot of time and effort, from using one of the best sitemap generator tools and designing an SEO-friendly website to creating keyword-rich, high-quality content. Competition also makes it harder because so many businesses are engaged in a rate race. The secret is to be patient.

Only after weeks or months of arduous slog work using the best SEO techniques to do the job correctly do high rankings, traffic, and conversions follow. These practices encompass both technical elements, like optimizing website speed, and creative components, like blogs and videos.

The secret is consistency.

There is a huge amount of competition today. Each brand strives to accomplish its objectives more quickly than the competition. The majority of the brands also sell the same goods. As a result, you must develop a brand identity that sets you apart from your rivals. And other than by having a USP, how do you achieve this? through consistency.

Consistency is one of the difficulties that come with branding, which also includes other difficulties. It would be beneficial if you maintained your consistency while making your customer your top priority. Let's say you break your promise to yourself.

Your chances of losing your loyal customers to a brand that consistently provides value are higher. You must demonstrate to your clients that choosing you over a sea of rivals for a specific good or service was the right one.

To ensure that everyone is on the same page, you might want to write a brand guide and distribute it to your staff. A brand guide includes all the details you need to keep your identity consistent online, such as your logo, color scheme, and order procedures. Additionally, you must consistently provide your clients with information, goods, and services of the highest caliber. It is critical to keep in mind that, in times of fierce competition, having an erratic brand image can quickly make you illegible.

The 80/20 principle

One of the most well-known yet woefully underutilized business/marketing concepts in use today is the Pareto Principle, also referred to as the infamous 80/20 rule. This idea states that 20% of the causes result in 80% of the desired outcomes. This implies that 20% of a company's loyal customer base accounts for 80% of its revenue in the business/marketing context.

For a marketer, what does this mean? Everything! Although the majority of marketing strategies, including SEO, aim to boost website traffic, the truth is that only a small percentage of those website visits and clicks will result in sales. Similar to this, not every person who follows your brand on social media will interact with your posts; if they do, count yourself extremely lucky!

Customer acquisition is a difficult battle with uncertain outcomes. Customer retention, on the other hand, is much more cost-effective in terms of ROI.

We're not advocating that companies completely give up on plans for growth and customer acquisition. However, it is crucial to concentrate on keeping that 20% of your customer base happily engaged and satisfied to ensure a steady stream of business in the race for more numbers. To increase the lifetime value of your customers, put your attention on developing long-lasting relationships based on honesty and loyalty.

Always listen to your customers

Always consider your customer's perspective when selling a product. The viewpoint of your customers is essential because they are the lifeblood of your brand. You are here because of them. Be sympathetic and modest. Request feedback from your customers whenever possible. Make sure to include the feedback in your product/service offerings after receiving it. You will be better able to provide your customers with the right solution if you are more aware of their needs, wants, and pain points.


If you comprehend the fundamentals of digital marketing, it's not too difficult. Yes, conducting research, engaging in creative thinking, developing ideas, and putting those ideas into action may require a significant investment of time, money, and human resources. To get the most out of your investments, you'll need to know a few success secrets, like the ones we mentioned above. Simply put, exercise patience, consistency, and empathy.

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This post is aimed at company owners, directors and marketing managers. The article will also be useful to those who are working on a company's development strategy, a system for increasing sales and business profitability. Thanks for sharing

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This post is very useful. Thanks for spending your time and wrting such a great post. 
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Thanks for the info! But what about email marketing? Is still effective enough to boost my sales and make my business more profitable? Which services you can recommend me?

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