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For those who are into online dating, might be one of the sites you might want to check out especially for those looking for dating those who are more mature than them either just for sex, a casual fling or for something permanent, but before you do that, I will like to share an experience with them after using the website.

Here are some of the points I noticed during my usage of, I will be listing them as good sides and bad sides



You are not limited to searching for males or females in your locality alone, you can search for females in any part of the country or world and you will be sure to see a lot of beautiful females or handsome males looking for the same thing you are looking for, most of the profiles I encountered there have pictures thereby showing you want you will get before physically getting it, you can also allow the site to use your phone locator so as to locate females or males near your area of just some few kilometres from where you are as the aim of is to bring you close to someone who needs you quickly or within the shortest time possible.

NOTIFICATIONS have notifications for your perfect need, the beautiful thing about the notification is that it will even alert you whenever you liked someone who was not online during the process of your liking the individual so that you also can come online to chat with that special person, this will constantly keep you aware of what is happening on your profile and will quickly get you that special matured individual you had been looking for.


Some of the pictures on are explicit due to the nature of the site, although the site tries to balance the gap between those who are just looking for a one night stand and those who are looking for something a bit more permanent, once the safe mode is turned on, you can be sure that you won’t see the explicit pictures or nudes as they are popularly known. Also before I forget, the site also permits the upload of your videos to better make your profile more interesting to people.


NO PAYMENT, NO USAGE is very unforgiving when it comes to payments, all the above features I had mentioned earlier cannot be accessed without you not paying for their monthly,3 monthly, 6 monthly or even their 3 days trial membership. If you don’t pay any of the above plans, you won't be able to view pictures in searches( pictures will come up in searches but it will request you to pay to view all pictures), you won't be able to read messages nor reply to messages, you won't be able to view likes, so basically, you will be sitting ducks until you pay at least for a trial membership.





Most members I came across on the site have just one picture, you will be lucky to see members with more than one picture in their profile, this really reduces the fun of as you won't be able to verify whether the member is for real or just fake.


Even after 3 weeks on their site, I am yet to get any response from any member I have sent a message to and even if they are the ones to first contact me, my response was totally ignored which makes me feel like the messages are auto-generated by the site and those profiles are not real in the first place


This is one of the most annoying parts of, they tend to advertise other dating sites to you from your inbox, are they saying they are not good enough in what they do? Even if they are using that to generate revenue, why don’t they advertise sites that do other things apart from what they are already doing?




This is where is a big NO for me, I actually paid for a 3 days trials to use their site and see whether it will be worth it for a full month membership before my 3 days trials ended, I cancelled the membership and debited me for  3 days trials, but before I know what is happening I was debited a full month from the same people but when I complained their explanation was that my 3 days trial was a two in 1, i.e. I was registered on two different sites( and, and that since I only cancelled and didn’t cancel, that’s why I was debited for that and that their cannot be a refund but they will be happy to give me another free month on the site that debit me for free.

This is absolutely a scam, first, if the offer was a two in one, once I accept one, the other is automatically accepted without my knowledge, so If I should cancel that same one, the other should be automatically cancelled also but it was not so and they didn’t even bother to inform me that it was a two in one offer.


This site will find one way or the other to debit you once you decided to join them, so it is better to stay away.

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Thanks for sharing this source. Although I'm a little disappointed in online dating, and I don't think that in such places I can meet someone for a serious relationship. Now I use these sites to have fun and meet someone for casual sex. I found sex chat, and it suits me perfectly. Here I can meet people like me and spend time together.

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First of all, of course, you need to at least read detailed information about a particular dating site if you do not want to get a negative experience. For example, in this article , I was able to find quite interesting dating sites, as I am personally attracted to mature dating. So thanks to the information provided, I was able to find perhaps one of the best solutions for finding love online. I recommend everyone to find out more if you are still single.



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