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Ipadewa digital media is a company registered in Nigeria with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) to carry out business on the Nigerian soil. We are a community of consumers that reviews products, services, and companies, as we all know that products or services are what companies have to offer to the consumers and employment for staff.

Products and services are what we (consumers) use every day and as such is very important for us to make wise choices about the products or services we choose to commit our hard-earned monies to, therefore ipadewa digital media stands in the gap to bring to the prospective consumer in the Nigerian market products and services that are worth the consumer time and money by giving uncensored reviews about the products or services as the case may be.

And we have mentioned earlier, the companies that produce this products or services also offer employments to their staffs, which is also a major concern in the labour market, truth be told, some employers are not worth their employees time, because they are treated as slaves and salaries are either denied or not paid on time.

So do you a prospective job seeker wanting to know if your prospective employer is worth your time? Feel free to register with us as we bring you uncensored reviews of people working in that same company you want to join to know if it is a good decision for you.

So we do we cater for?

Individual Users:

As an individual user, you can share the performance (review) of any products you have used previously or currently. A review is about how a product measured up to your expectations during the usage of that product, this will let other consumers know whether to buy such product(s) or desist from doing so. So what are you waiting for register now to start sharing your reviews

Commercial users:

Are you a producer of product(s) or a service provider and what to create awareness about your product(s)? Just register with us and create a write-up about your product(s) or services, you can also drop your link in your post and share it with our community of users. 

Note: All links will be checked before they are approved and they are found to be fraudulent, they won't be approved.

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Owen Theodore
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The reasons you give are very practical. Geometry dash has only one control and isn't just about stunts like Vector and many other similar games. It is distinct in its use of three-dimensional characters and rhythm-based obstacles to entice the player.
greek baker
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