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Women's travel

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How can women feel secure? It's a rhetorical question as we sometimes don't feel safe in our own homes. Young girls may be subject to harassment anywhere, even on a regular subway ride. Society ignores these situations believing that all problems will disappear if it pretends everything is fine. Solo travel for women sounds like a bold statement. But it's actually quite challenging. It's not about the 'standard scammers' you may encounter in tourist spots. If a fraudster believes you are a suitable victim and you have the right clothes, gestures, or behavior to make them stand out, then you will be able to escape a disaster only if it is very rare. Some countries should be banned from women's travel because there are very few chances that they will return safe and sound. One example is the practice of kidnapping to obtain a husband. Although educated and civilized people might not be able to grasp the essence of such an act, nobody will ask you for your opinion.

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