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I worked as an industrial trainee in Mark IV Nigeria limited during 2011 and would like to share my experience with my friends here, especially if possibly you are given an appointment there and considering whether to accept it or not or you are just checking out how the work environment or even the entitlement package.

Just as we know that every science student and engineering student must go on industrial training when they are about to graduate or roundup their study at the university to enable them to gain practical experience in their line of the chosen profession, which is managed by Industrial training fund (ITF).

My industrial training attachment lasted for six months and here are my experiences in Mark IV Nigeria limited.


The work environment is in total neglect, yes we know they are into mechanical engineering and you can judge how a mechanic workshop looks like but this one is even way off. The structure is in a state of total disrepair and falling apart and even some of the machines are wasting away due to bad management or supervision.

During my time with them as an industrial attachment student, I do sometimes look around and marvel at the level of wastage of equipment and structures, to give you an insight on this, the company has a lot of heavy machines that are only used once in a while due to low which also boils down to low awareness on the part of the company. This was a company that I learned was previously owned and managed by the Whiteman in its heydays and was known far and wide, only to be transferred to Nigerians and the structures start falling apart while the popularity dwindles.

Remember the work environment includes the people, working there also, so this issue, the people are very friendly and will make it worth your while you are over there, please don’t forget that I was an industrial trainee attachment and not a full staff, which are two different status.


This to me is not worth mentioning and I noticed that this was the normal bone of contention between their full-time staff, back then in 2011, we were paid N4000 as an industrial trainee attachment, this doesn’t even take care of the transport fare in a month, as you know Lagos transport fare is always high but the funny thing is that they didn’t own us a month even as poor as the stipend may be. But from the staff, they claimed to be owed salaries of several months.

So judging from this, they also were not properly remunerated and they are not paid as at when due, showing that the remuneration package of the company is generally poor.


The workers I met there are highly skilled and know their job and also willing to teach you since they know you don’t know anything. What we acquire in school are only books that are very different from the practical field. I could say I really learned a lot when I was there and see a lot of things I have only seen in the textbooks.


So looking at all my previous observations, it is very a good place to start especially for the mechanically inclined if you won’t mind to trek home some days or even borrow to fend for yourself.