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I have used both products over and over again and I can guarantee you that what I am about to write are some of the things I have noticed about both products, but I will be doing this briefly under some headings below:

Oral B

MINT: Oral-B toothpaste contains more mint than close-up toothpaste; mint is very essential for keeping our breath fresh and palatable to others. So if you are a lover of mint, then Oral-B toothpaste is quite okay especially if you have bad breath or mouth odor problems but if not, then close-up toothpaste is very okay for you.

COLOUR: close-up toothpaste colour being cherry red like berry is very attractive than Oral-B toothpaste colour which is light green in colour, this colour thing might affect the children more than the adults but nevertheless worth mentioning

COVER/CAP: Actually I fell in love with the Oral-B cover which has a pop-up section at the top, the pop-up section prevent leakages into the cover when depressed without popping it up, if this is tried with the close-up tube, the paste will fill the cover, which will make it messy. Children like pressing the tube without opening the cover.

Oral B.

These are the differences I noticed between the two products and am sure, there are more but products are excellent toothpaste and they performed very well in that aspect, I can recommend any of the products for usage.

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Actually,  I prefer oral-b due to the fact that it contains  more mint than close up