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When I was growing up, it was all Maclean toothpaste I could ever remember to have used and not Closeup toothpaste but I use to ask myself the question “where is Maclean toothpaste now in the consumer market, is it that they are no longer being produced for Nigerians or is it still out there but the popularity has dwindled that people barely remember it?” well that will be a topic for discussion another day because I want to review this popular and wonderful brand of mouth wash.

Closeup toothpaste gel is not too soft nor too hard thereby making it stick to the bristle of the toothbrush and when in use quickly adhere to the teeth to form a minty foam in the mouth, please let not forget that this is the red hot brand and not the Closeup herbal or other brands of Closeup toothpaste in the market because they all have different feel and taste.

The minty freshness mostly lasts up to an hour at most in my mouth, if I didn’t eat immediately after brushing my teeth but if I should, the taste of the food will quickly replace the minty taste of the paste.

It is endorsed by the Nigerian dental association and NAFDAC showing that it is definitely good for use but at the same time recommended that it should be used twice daily .i.e. you should bush your teeth day and night for optimal results.

Please minimize the chances of swallowing the paste, it is not good for your health because it contains fluorides and all toothpaste contains fluorides

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You know, smoking doesn’t only affect your lungs and heart – it can also affect the color of your teeth. This is because products like tobacco that are present in cigars and cigarettes get stuck in the grooves and openings of your tooth enamel.

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Coffee lovers often have a problem with the yellowing of teeth. And teeth whitening is a great way out for such people. But for such a procedure, it is necessary to find a suitable clinic. That's why I turned to a friend for advice and he recommended blankone teeth whitening to me right here. There I whitened my teeth and can continue to drink my favorite coffee.



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