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It is no doubt that the Joint Admission and matriculation board (JAMB) which metamorphosed into Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) has been plagued with a lot of examination malpractices perpetrated by the students and invigilators alike and this has been one of the bane of our education system in this country which eventually gave birth to the post-utme as the universities and polytechnics alike have passed a vote of no confidence on the results of students obtained from the body.

It is in this vein, that the exams which was paper-based was changed to computer-based testing which will help to reduce the leakage of exams papers before the actual test date and closely monitoring of the candidates during the exams using closed-circuit TVs(CCTVs) so that the exam result can be more credible but it looks like this are no longer sufficient to catch culprit as they also have become more technologically advance and have learned to tamper with the CCTVs to cover up their nefarious activities.

In light of this, Jamb registrar, Prof  Ishaq Oloyede hinted at the stalk holder meeting held yesterday, that they will be taking their exam security a notch higher by deploying drones to monitor the 2020 examination process in a bid to catch those involve in examination malpractices.

Some of the points he made mention during the stalk holder meeting is that not only the students are involved in the malpractices but some of the operators of the CBT centers and even the parents of the students themselves. He thereby warned that anyone not having business with UTME on the day of exams should please keep off as everyone will be monitored and drones will likely help the CCTVs, even if they find a way to tamper with the CCTVs, it might be difficult to tamper with the drones as they will be airborne and remotely controlled.



This is a welcome development provided it will be closely monitored and the drone guys will be highly efficient to cover every blind spot, but my problem is this: these drones are quite noisy when airborne, I could remember the last one I witnessed during a wedding sometimes this year, the sound of the rotating blades were very audible even as noisy as the place where, and knowing that an exam center is expected to be quiet for maximum concentration by the students, won’t the noise disturb the concentration of the students and lead to poor performance? This is the question I believe the jamb authority should ask and ponder over before giving the drones the order. But exams malpractices must stop at all costs but not at the cost of the students.


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