Nigerians can rest assured of uninterrupted power supply before 2023  

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Electricity as we all know it is one of the energies on which the world thrives on, there can be virtually no development in the absence of electricity, this is one of the major reasons why villages, hamlets and the like are either underdeveloped or not even developed at all, thereby leading to urban-rural migration which is a common cause in Nigeria.

A typical example occurred to me during my service year to my fatherland, where I was to serve in Taraba state hasn't even been connected to the national grid, I would say to the nation that such a locality merely existed on the map of the country, but come to think of it that in the 21st century, there existed a place that doesn't have access to electricity and we are talking about development of such a place, it won't happen even if we fasted and prayed for 365days and nights.

I had to stay for seven months without having access to electricity, where in the world will that be acceptable if not Nigeria.

The world now runs on electricity, imagine the world talking about electric cars and we don't have access to 24hrs electricity, how do we drive such a vehicle and due to cutting down on carbon emmission, and such vehicle becomes the order of the day, what will happen to the citizens of Nigeria? Maybe we just revert back to our feet and donkeys. 

And how will the industries survive and compete with their foreign counterparts that have access to 24hrs electricity at affordable cost and compete with their price in the market? well on this heel of these comes the promise made by the next level government through the minister of power.

The minister of power Engr Saleh Mamman has promised that their tenure won't end without providing constant electricity for Nigerians. This was disclosed during the visit of the minister to some power projects in Kaduna.

Will they be able to deliver this promise and at what time precisely, I cant wait to have this promise and please let us hold them to their promise.


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Nigeria political class and their promises, do they still think we are so gullible? well let us wait and see but we already know the outcome of this promise, Mr. Minister, thank you.


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