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The staff of Chevron Nigeria limited recently staged a protest to show their displeasure against the management, some of the grievances level the oil drilling giants and what I can deduce from it are the following:

The indiscriminate sacking of the Nigerian workers:

Some of the workers are concerned about how the company hires and fire some of their Nigerian staffs, which in their own view, should not be at all.

Dollar flight:

Some of the protesting workers are of the opinion that the company engages in the mass exodus of foreign currency from the country, this is a serious allegation that should be looked into by the authority.

Equity between expatriate and Nigerians:

Due to the hype of foreigners in this country, some of the workers felt this should stop due to the fact that it doesn’t seem to make them equal with them even if they have the same qualification and experience. This is more or less we are equal, and no one is a slave or a master.

Reduce expatriate Allowance:

This shows that the rate at which expatriates are paid are far above the rate the Nigerians are paid, come to think of it, you have the same level of qualifications and experience and yet, just because he is a foreigner and you are a Nigerian, then you are paid lower than him, that will look totally unfair to any worker.

Pay cut:

Chevron is planning to cut the pay of their workers and the workers are of the opinion that it is not acceptable, I think that’s why they raise the issue that expatriate allowance should be cut down so that the management can cut down cost.


The truth is I don’t know who Jeff Ewing is, but from the look of things, he is a top management staff of chevron, but what are his crimes towards the staff of chevron that they are pushing for his resignation? I hope some here can enlighten us.

If you are interested in watching the peaceful protest of the staff of chevron, you can click the link here to watch the video.

I wouldn’t mind if staff (present or past) of chevron can review their company here without any bias because I use to think that it is a great company to work for but some of this news is proving otherwise.


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Africans and slave mentality, God will only save them, I have not heard of a Nigerian company to drill oil with all the abundance of crude oil in this country, even when a Nigerian design a renowned system that can recover 90plus percent of the crude oil in the oil well, yet all we know is just go to school and work for this people and when they start to maltreat you, you will have no choice but to keep quiet because it is not your father’s company nor is it your fellow countryman owns, so what do you expect? Please wake up Nigerians, it is your brother that is selling you to the foreigner.


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