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Oil and gas is a very lucrative sector of the economy and one of the major problems of Nigeria because everything boils down to the black gold as it is popularly called. Even in the world, the role of oil and gas can not be overemphasized because it is the energy on which the world runs even though there have been efforts to diversify into other sources of energy that don't produce a lesser amount of pollutant than crude oil.

Working in any organization have its own ups and downs, so also the oil and gas sector but if these ups and downs are reduced to the barest minimum by the employer, then the job might be worth taking.

One of the commonest hazards in the oil and gas is a blow-out, this is a very dangerous hazard that mostly leads to loss of lives, although this has been reduced so much that it rarely occurs nowadays but that doesn't mean it can occur or it won't occur.

Another is explosion and fire:since  we all have experiences with the common petrol and gas, although crude oil is not petrol(motor spirit) because it had to be refined before petrol can be removed from it but natural gas is most times among the components of an oil well from which the crude oil is being extracted from, so what happens when you make a spark? Don't let me scare you off this industry because precautions and safety guards have been put in place to limit this hazard to the barest minimum.

so let look at the list of the best oil and gas company to work for, as they were in this industry for quite some time and have mastered the art of safety in this particular field not to mention the juicy package that follows it

So here comes the list:

  •  Halliburton
  •  Schlumberger
  •  BHGE
  • Weatherford
  • TechnipFMC
  • Wood
  • National Oilwell Varco
  • Petrofac
  • Oceaneering
  • Aker solutions

Have anything to say about this list? Please feel free to do so.

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Oil and gas, popularly known as the black gold, well am not an expert in that field so I will be brief. What will happen if all our oil reserves just vanished, maybe all the evils plaguing Nigeria and Nigerians will vanish also?

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For a while now I was looking for a job offer at any one of these companies. Only my search for SR200 led me to this post. I am glad that I came here, these are the best ones.



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