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When I first heard about Alpari International, I was a bit sceptical at first because I don't know if they are original since money or bar as it is called on the street is involved but I can tell you now that my fears have been dispersed and I have the evidence also.

Below are some of the reasons that disperse my fears about them and will make me rate them 5 stars are:
EASE OF FUNDING: It is very easy to fund your account in any currency because you can even fund your account in your local currency but that doesn't mean you can't trade foreign currency because all you just need is to open your trading account in a foreign currency and it will be converted into that foreign currency and funding takes less than 8hours  and they will send you an SMS message once your account had been funded so that you can be aware that your funds had been deposited, then you start trading immediately.

SPREADS: Alpari International spreads is very okay, for those who don't understand what a spread is, let me use lay man's language, it is the difference between the price you enter a trade and the actual price, that's why whenever you enter a trade, what you will notice is a loss at first and when the trade goes in your favour, it will then goes into profit.

WITHDRAWAL: After making a profit, you can withdraw your capital or capital plus gains only into the account you have used to fund your trading account and this takes 24 hours, I made my withdrawal from Alpari international last Friday 30th of October,

and got my bank alert credit from them on Monday the 2nd of November due to the fact that they don't work on weekends below is the screenshot of the withdrawal and the deposit.


If you are looking to trade with them, click this link here

 A final word on Alpari International is that if you join their cashback promo, you will be awarded $1 per lot you traded, thereby giving you extra gain.
NOTE:  Alpari Nigeria is a member of the Alpari International group, so they work hand in hands. The same link work for both, so just click it now




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