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Alpari Nigeria is another name you will be familiar with if you are into forex trading in Nigeria, it is meant to give the opportunity and ease of trading the forex market to Nigerians especially as I had earlier pointed out in my review of Alpari UK, that it was stressful to get a live account when it was still in existence.

So having used Alpari Nigeria, after the demise of Alpari UK, I can point out some few points about their service that will tell you whether they are credible people for you to deal with or not.

Before I started trading with them, I went to their office just for a curtesy visit as that was the first time I would hear anything call Alpari Nigeria and met with Mr. Bayo who told me that Alpari has grown more than closing down and a client will not get his/her money due to the fact that I voice out my fears of them closing down because by then, Alpari UK, had already closed down.

So I will be breaking down the review very briefly according to the section of their service I had used previously:

FUNDING OF ACCOUNT: The funding of your live account is very easy because you can pay through any of their accounts in Nigeria here and attach your live account number in the description of the payment and they will fund your account in dollars thereby taking away the stress of you opening a domiciliary account here in Nigeria and looking for aboki to help you change your Naira to dollars before you can fund your account, it just takes like 2 to 3hrs for your money to reflect in your live account.

WITHDRAWAL OF FUNDS: Redrawals of funds takes like 1-2 days depending on when you make the request for the withdrawal of your funds and they will be deposited straight to your account in the same currency that you used to fund your account initially.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Alpari Nigeria always provides live technical support for their customers, once you have a problem, just contact them on the Alpari website and they will automatically connect you with the technical support of Alpari Nigeria at free cost.

TRADING PLATFORM: Their platform is very stable and efficient, you don’t have to worry about your trade not executing at the right time either when you want to enter a trade or even exit the present one to cash in on your profits.

Finally, their office is located at Ikeja not too far from Alausa because I had been there when I was still trading with their platform and I really love the environment but I don’t know if they are still there presently or have moved their office to another location.



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