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If you are new to forex trading, or you are fairly new and have probably used one platform or the other, you would have heard the name Alpari or Alpari UK, although there are many platforms allowing you to trade forex on with them. This was one of the most common ones back then.

So straight to the review of Alpari  UK, let us forget about the number of years they had been in operation because that is what most platforms use to market themselves but since I have used their platform, I can candidly tell you about their service.

To get your account approved by Alpari UK is a tug of war, you will have to provide a notarized copy of your statement of account, utility bill, and means of identification unless you will only be able to trade a demo account and not have a live account to trade with. Once you can scan the above documents to them, your account will be instantly activated for trading. Their customer care representative will call you and guide you throughout the process. In fact, their customer care is 100% efficient and friendly.

After that is done, you will need a domiciliary account here because the account can only be funded through your account either by wire transfer or through your dollar card which is also issued by your bank, this was back then like 2010, so I know there are better ways now, I will even be sharing another review but of Alpari Nigeria which is easier to use and mind you, Alpari UK has collapsed since 2013 or thereabouts but I am still forced to write a review about them because their service was wonderful and you will soon know why.

The funding of your account is instantly when you fund through your card and the servers are also very efficient so that once the currency market reacts, you are getting the feeds instantly on your desktop or mobile as the case may be.

I didn't try to withdraw then because I didn't have enough funds in the account then to warrant such as I was still practicing and had lost money, so I cannot say how efficient their withdrawal was but my best guess is that it will also be efficient.

Finally, after the company went under due to some economic crises then, I wasn't even aware back then due to my absences from where I can connect to the internet for a whole year, but once I came back and tried to log in to my account, I was shocked that their platform and website had disappeared, it was later that I learned about the incidence but after a while, Alpari UK sent me an email telling me to claim my balance with them, I was really surprised because I thought since they no longer existed, then my money is gone even though it wasn't even up to $1. So I decided to leave the cents for them since it was too small but that didn't deter them from periodically sending me emails to claim my money with them.

So in conclusion, if they were still around and you are looking for a forex trading company that will keep your money safe, then my thumb is up for this particular one.

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Altair has gone extinct. All they do now is device means of collecting their clients money. The alpari of back in the days is no longer what it is now. Trading with them is greatly odikwa risky



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