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This is my second time of using the services of bolt transport service, for those who are still wondering “which is bolt transport service” to shed a little light on this question, if you are familiar with taxify, then you can rest assured that both are the same, only that taxify is the old new and bolt is new and rebranded name of taxify. You can check the link here for an account of my first experience of using their services right here in Lagos.

So today making it the second time of using their service makes me more exposed to their mode of operations and shed more lights on areas I wasn’t aware of before.

The journey started at about 7:35 am, although am not too sure about the time, but I was amazed at the speed at which the driver turns up at my location, it didn’t take him up to 5minutes, which was an improvement to what I experienced the first time, although the traffic at this time can’t be neglected because it is normally thick and sluggish if you understand Lagos traffic, you will understand what I mean with this statement.

So when the bolt driver turned up, and we told him where we were going, he gave us various options of getting there faster as it was still the rush hour and he was well versed with the area, he didn’t waste time to get us there within the record time, in fact, due to this I rated him 5 star automatically. But this is not the reason for my post today; many will be surprised as to why.

After we were done with what we came to do, I have to call for another bolt driver that will take us from Marina to Jakande, this is where I was almost mad with their service, after getting connected with the first driver, what he could say was that he didn’t want to go to Jakande, I was surprised, to say the least.

I made the second attempt, it was the same thing, the third attempt, it was still the same response, so I had to give up using their service back to where I was coming from, then a question pops up in my mind, “didn’t bolt knows that some drivers have some areas they don’t want to go” and why should they waste my time connecting me with such drivers in the first place?

This is a serious issue I think the company should have looked into before now because it puts a constraint on the user of their service, for me as an individual; I will not bother to call on their service from that location to Jakande any longer because I believe it will only need to my waste of time. This is a big turn off for me in their service, which I never experienced until today.

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this is not the fault of bolt but that of their drivers but what I think bolt should have done is that they should have given the drivers the option of routes they are willing to ply so that when someone request for a ride, they will not be paired with a driver who is unwilling to ply the route that the passenger is going since this knowledge must be divulged to bolt before the pairing takes place.