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This is my first time of using taxify which is now known as bolt, I will like to review their service firsthand as a user and not as a paid review. So sit back and let me share my experience with you.


I had to register using my phone number, my email address and my full names, the registration was not complete until I input the code sent to my number which is quite okay given that it is meant to prove your authenticity, the network I used that morning being an MTN didn’t deliver the code on time which made to request for a new code until I was told that I had requested too many codes. I know this wasn’t their fault but that of my service provider, MTN.

Once I was able to scale the hurdle of registration, the rest was very easy as all I had to do was to request for a ride which  I had to key in my location manually due to the fact that I didn’t want to turn on my locator which would have done the job for me automatically.

Once that is done, I just have to input my destination and a price range was given to me. It didn’t take long before a driver that the model of car, license number plate, his name, and photograph had displayed on my phone turn-up, it was kind of magical to me, but well I guess being the first time, that’s why it was so.


The journey was smooth and the driver drove expertly well. Also, he was very courteous, which made it a very pleasurable journey for me, although the road was quite difficult to navigate due to many closures and rehabilitation, he handled well and expertly, thereby making the journey very smooth and okay by all standard.



Like I said earlier on,  bolt only gave me an estimate of the charge I was to incur when I input my destination, this is not very okay by me since I believe that they know my destination and my pickup point and could have easily calculated the kilometers in-between and give me a definitely charge even before I enter the cab, this will be very good as far as am concerned and would not put one into a state of guessing till the end of the journey

During the journey, I had to ask the driver if bolt charges per kilometer or per time (i.e. the numbers of hours) due to the fact that holdups are a constant thing on our Nigerian road, from what he said, I could gather that bolt charges per time but during holdup, the charges are lesser than the normal. Which is quite fair. Although I can still see kilometer in my receipts. In fact, am still checking the receipt to know the bases for their computation or maybe anyone here can help out on it. It is attached below.



Mode of verification can also be done manually since their driver will definitely come and do the pickup from the destination. Because it took me a long wait before I could get my verification code from the service provider which is quite normal in this part of the country and sometimes very frustrating. I could remember a case not quite long when MTN network was down close to a week if this was the period I was registering; will I wait for their network to be back before I register or use their service?

Well, this is my candid review of taxify, which is now known as bolt.