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My shopping experience with jumia.  

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Well I have shopped on jumia and what I bought was an electronic gadget, their service was very fast and I got what I order for, unlike some people that have shared their experience of getting something different for your their paid for.

What I really don't like about their service was that some of their electronic gadget sold by them don't have a service center here in Nigeria although they have countered this by giving a 2 weeks money-back guarantee on any items bought from their site but what about in the course of enjoying your money, something got broken and needed to be fixed, do you just go and buy another one or just pack it up till they have service centers here?

This is the major area I know they are still lacking but they can be improved upon. And for those that get something very different for what you order and paid for, just do your due diligence and open your package before you leave their office so that you can return it right on the spot and have it returned to the seller.