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The federal inland revenue service (FIRS) boss, Babatunde fowler has been replaced by Muhammed Nami, although this Muhammed Nami can’t take over yet until his appointment by the presidency is confirmed but the senate but in the meantime, Babatunde Fowler has handed over to Abiodun Aina who will be the acting FIRS boss until the confirmation of Muhammed Nami.

Trailing the refusal of the presidency to renew the appointment of the former FIRS boss is a letter from him to the presidency and I quote


I write to notify the Secretary to the Government of the Federation that my first tenure as the Executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Service (FIRS) ends today 9th December 2019.

In view of the above, I wish to present myself for reappointment for a second term. This is consistent with the provisions of the FIRS Establishment Act 2007 and would grant me the opportunity to consolidate and build on the achievements we have recorded in the past four years.

Please find attached the highlight of my achievements during my first tenure in the office.

I would like to put on record my gratitude to Mr. President for the opportunity to serve the Nation. I am also thankful for your support in the course of the discharge of my duties. Please accept as always, the assurance of my highest regards.”

As we can see from the above letter, the FIRS Establishment Act 2007 gives any FIRS boss a shot at second term, just as the Nigeria constitution gives any president a shot at a second term bid but I think what should have been added to the FIRS Establishment Act 2007 should be that the shot at second term bid for the present FIRS boss will be at the discretion of whoever is calling the shot.


Some of the reasons trailing the refusal of the presidency to renew his second term bid is the underperformance in the area of tax collections, there are reports that he was requested by the presidency to give reasons for the poor performance in the budgeted tax revenue and the actual that was remitted to the government, which he did.

One thing I know is that Nigerians don’t like to pay taxes, and if you ask them the reason, what most of them will give is that why should they pay their taxes when it is evident that the government is not using it for what it is meant for, meaning to them the government is underperforming, so in a system where underperformance is the order of the day in governance, should a government official be removed from office due to underperformance? Although I am not saying we should allow underperformance in every sector of the economy what I am saying is that if underperformance is the yardstick for who stays or leaves, then we should check every sector of the economy and let go every underperformer should that we can achieve the growth we desire.

Another allegation trailing his removal is the mismanagement of funds like bankrolling of expensive parties, inflation of staffs tour allowances and money for employment to mention just a few, well this is left for the EFCC to prove and do the needful on their part if found guilty, he can be sentenced just like the just concluded Orji Uzor Kalu case, which is a very good indication to every Nigerians that the EFCC is working and that no one should be above the law; even the president.

To conclude, I will like to keep our congratulations to Muhammed Nami pending the time the senate approves him but in the meantime, let hope he can perform beyond what his predecessor did and thereby remain in office longer than him.

If you feel he deserve another term or otherwise, you are free to let me hear your opinion.


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