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Why would anyone need BULB grease? This was the thought in my heart when I first came across AGS BULB GREASE, then my mind went back to occasions when after removing an old bulb, I will have to look for pliers to remove the contact points of the bulb that get stuck in the lamp holder due to corrosion or the cases on destroying the lamp holder when it is time to change the bulb due to it getting so stuck in the lamp holder.

So that why BULB grease is essential for everyone especially if the lamp holder is fixed where moisture can easily get into it.

AGS BULB GREASE is one of such bulb grease that will ensure the safety of your bulb and lamp holder for you whenever you apply a light coating at the base of your BULB, it will ensure that your bulb and lamp holder does not corrode thereby protecting the bulb as well as the lamp holder by preventing breakage of either or both.

AGS BULB GREASE ensures the easy removal of bulbs whenever they are due for a change or just whenever you feel like changing their colour to something more soothing and it ensures their sealing due to it being waterproof.


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