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Excel insecticide works perfectly for mosquitoes whenever I use it to spray my room but this is not the only good thing about excel insecticide because this is my first time of using it but I could barely not noticed some features of this insecticide. So for me to do justice to this, let me list out some of the things I noticed when using this insecticide and the first is:


The aroma of excel insecticide is very sweet, I don’t know how the manufacturers were able to achieve that because most insecticides have the type of horrible smell that you just have to run out of the room, the moment you spray them, some are even irritating to the eyes and nose which makes them very difficult to use as you will not be able to breathe during their usage, but this is not the case in Excel insecticide, I even stayed in the room for a while after spraying to show how mild the scent is but had to leave the room later since I know that it will be foolhardy to breathe in insecticide for a long time.


The bottle or container of excel insecticide is very big, a 600ml bottle, this gives me room to use it over and over again before the need to buy another one will arise, so I will say it is a super saver bottle.

To close this review, I will like to mention that I noticed that excel insecticide have little or no effect on cockroaches, which I hate with a passion, they seem immune

to excel insecticide which is quite a setback before anytime I spray my room, my major targets are mosquitoes and cockroaches as they are the most hated vermin in the house



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