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Flamemate lighter is a lighter meant for domestic use or uses for in and around the house and the uses do not include using it to light a cigarette as evidenced from the shape of the lighter itself.

Flamemate lighter is well designed for the purpose it was meant for, it has a long nozzle from which the fire comes out from and which is very far from the point of strike.

Imagine your pot on the gas cooker and you want to light it up, the long nozzle of flamemate lighter is designed to go below the pot bottom and gets to the table of the gas cooker thereby relieving you of the stress of removing the pot just to light up the cooker.

Flamemate lighter also comes with a refill pack that you can just refill up when the gas in it empties, all you just have to do is to pick up the refill pack and force it into the tiny hole made at the bottom of flamemate lighter and wait as your lighter fill up before you remove it.

The only thing that will need improvement on is the striking area which tends to loosen up after a while in service there leaving me with no choice but to hold it together with a rubber band. But apart from that this product is just great.


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