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Nice innovation to say the least judging the way we formerly keep our toothbrush and bathing soap, petals in the wind toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap holder keeps them much more securely and at the same time leaving space for the toothbrush and bathing soap to be well aerated which is very essential for the health of both soaps, toothbrush and even the user of this two essential cleanup tools

Petals in the wind soap holder and toothbrush  holders are meant to be held fast to the wall of my bathroom  by suction  cups  at the back of each other giving especially the soap holder to strain out any other water remaining  on my soap  thereby leaving it dry and removing any condition  for the breeding  of germs

And both products really performed well but my headache about this product is the suction cups, they will hold fast to the wall this moment, and the next, the suction cups are out and the whole package will land on the floor of your bathroom.

Also, the product is not branded; I can even know the manufacturer so that I can complain to him about the suction cups. But overall, the product is really nice except for the defective suction cups.

Petals in the wind toothbrush holder
petals in the wind toothbrush holder showing suction cups
petal in the wind soap holder
 Petal in the wind soap holder showing suction cups