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The minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed has issued a statement that Nigeria will soon attain sufficiency in rice production to feed its populace due to the increase in the production of rice in the country, he stated this in Lagos while briefing newsmen about the performance of the presidency about the outgoing year 2019, while visiting some rice milling factories in Kano, he noted that due to the closure of the border sometimes this year, the number of rice farmers in the state has risen from  12.2 million to 18.2 million showing an increase of 6 million and that some of the rice milling factories are now operating at full capacity or have doubled their operation.

He also noted that some farmers are even going into the packaging and marketing of their product, thereby increasing the number of bags of rice produced daily, while some that normally cultivate rice twice a year have increased it to thrice a year.

Furthermore, on the achievement of the presidency for the outgoing year, he mentioned that the closure of the border also helped to reduce the threat of banditry and insurgency as most of those perpetrating the act normally fled across the border or live in the neighboring states and that it doesn’t also give them the access to weapons they normally would have smuggled into the country for their operations.


All these are laudable achievements that deserve recommendation but the packaging of our Nigeria rice is a far cry from what it should be, in fact personally I was tired of eating the Nigeria rice due to the fact that some of them are very stony, while some will become soaked no matter the amount of water you put into the rice for the cooking. This shows very poor processing of our Nigeria rice, so the effort should be geared into the processing to make our rice of a standard quality that we can even export to other countries to generate revenue.

On the issue of achievement, what do you think that the presidency was able to achieve this year that wasn’t mentioned? You can drop your comments on it here.


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This is good news but Nigerian farmers really need to look into the processing of their product because it is like the rice and the stones are competing for numbers in their product which is very discouraging, once this is settled the Nigerian rice farmer can begin to rake in a lot of profits.


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