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Common Writing Mistakes to Look Out for Guide-2022


During the writing process, the initial attention is paid to perfecting the structure and the arguments. The essay in its initial drafts is littered with mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and style. Most of these mistakes made during the essay writing process are corrected during the proofreading and essay review part of the essay. 


To be able to correct the mistakes, one has to recognize them. Without the proper knowledge, most of the mistakes slip past the essay writer, putting a bad impression upon the essay. When the readers come across these mistakes, they might question your and the essay’s credibility.


With the right knowledge, you can make sure that such writing mistakes don’t weaken the essay. Here are some of the common mistakes that essay writers make. 

Affect and Effect

Many confuse and get these two words mixed up. While ‘effect’ can have various meanings, in this context ‘affect’ means the act of influencing, while the word ‘effect’ means the influence. 


The former is a verb, while the latter is a noun.


For example:


The orchestra music had a soothing effect on the rowdy child. 


The orchestra music affected the mood of the rowdy child.


A simple sentence to sum it up: Something that affects you has an effect on you  

Improper pronouns

A singular pronoun should represent a singular noun while a plural pronoun a plural noun You can see some topic example here at essay writing service.  Using a singular pronoun with a plural subject is just as faulty as using a plural pronoun with singular subjects (the same thing applies for objects).


Another thing to be aware of is the differences in the object pronouns and the subject pronouns. Both types of nouns have singular and plural pronouns.

  • Singular subject pronouns:  I, you, he, she, and it.
  • Singular subject pronouns: me, you, him, her, and it.
  • Plural subject pronouns: We, you, and they.
  • Singular object pronouns: Us, you, and them.


It’s also important to maintain gender neutrality in your essays. If you are not willing to use his/him or her/hers in the sentence then you should try to maintain a plural subject/object and plural pronoun combination.



The essay writer should always revise his/her essay, so he/she can earn a good grade.  

The essay writers should always revise their essays, so they can earn a good grade.

It’s and its

‘It’s’ is not a possessive form, but a short form of ‘its is’. Most people confuse it with ‘it’s’ which is the possessive form. The reason for the confusion may be the ‘apostrophe s’ that is also used to show possession.


Its footprints are still fresh, are you sure it’s not close by?  

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Many students make the mistake of using abbreviations that might be well known to them but not to most of the readers so they can take help from write my essay online. There are abbreviations that are common and can be used in the essays such as: ‘ex.’ as a substitute for ‘for example’, ‘cm’, and ‘km’ as a substitute for ‘centimeter’ and ‘kilometer’, ‘Vs’ for ‘versus. 


Acronyms are new words formed from a string of words such as NASA (National Aeronautical and Space Administration), zip code (zone improvement plan code), scuba (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus).


You have to be sure that the abbreviations and acronyms that you use are common and not made up. 

Passive rather than active voice

The active voice is spearheaded by the person doing the action and sounds direct and clear. The passive voice lets the person performing the action take a back seat and even removes the subject from the sentence. 


Make sure you write in an active voice as it doesn’t cloud the message in your sentences, the way passive voice does.


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