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Morning fresh dishwashing liquid has a very good smell, in fact, it smells like lemon, maybe that why the color of the liquid is leaf green, and for those who are wondering what is he talking about, it is simply liquid soap for washing our dishes.

I normally use this product to wash my dirty dishes and it has been performing excellently in that department, why I will rate it five stars if possible is because:

It is very soapy since it is liquid, it relieves the stress of having to scrub the soap bar to having some soap on the sponge and not only that once you release the soap onto the sponge, you are ready to wash.

Another is that it will make the dish feel very dry to the touch and not slippery, this is due to the super grease-cutting agent in the liquid soap, sometimes I used it to wash my hands just to have this feel and smell the aroma of lemon on my hands.

Nice product, I won’t say more than this.