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Wind hand wash liquid soap is a very good hand washing soap, hand washing soaps are also very necessary  for our hygiene when we are not using our hand sanitizer or we can use it after using hand sanitizer to wash away any other bacteria left behind because they are also antibacterial
The soap is very thick, like pap on thick just that the colour is not white like pap so making a little drop of it to be able to wash a large surface of your hands with enough lather.

And the fragrance  after washing your hand with wind hand wash soap, is what I will called bliss , the fragrance  on the one I am using is vanilla, knowing fully  well that vanilla in biscuits  is a very good flavour, so imagine it in a soap.

And finally, the soap bottle  itself  is just like the wind, what I mean is that it is shaped to mimic the undulating  shape of winds, I love this product.

 Wind hand wash soap
 Wind hand wash soap back

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