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Dead target is a zombie game, so if you are angry with zombies and want to take as many as possible with you or you just want to blow out some of their brains, then you are welcome to join but first, let me do a brief review of the game.

Dead target is an offline game, meaning you don't need an internet connection to play this game, and the game load fasts which is also attributable to the aforementioned reason.

Dead target is a single-player game where all you just have to do is to make sure you kill as many zombies as possible before they get to you as this will ensure that you finish such level and move on to the next level.

The graphics of dead target game is very nice and mind you it is also a 3-D game which means they must look realistic enough which I can commend that dead target really does a good job in that aspect.

The only thing that I noticed when playing this game is that the sensitivity of the game is quite low, it doesn't turn instantly when I move the gun, this may be a device problem but overall the game is good.



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