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myStickyElements review

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MyStickyElements is one of the best plugins I have ever used to generate leads or even make my communication with my subscribers very easy. myStickyElements plugin incorporates simplicity and effectiveness at a go, but don’t let me be biased in this review, let me show you some of the features of this great plugin that makes me love it.

SIMPLICITY OF MyStickyElements

MyStickyElements is a very simple plugin for anyone to use, you will need little or no knowledge of programming before you can perfectly use this plugin, all you need to do is to search for the plugin or click here to download the setup files and relax while it installs and set up for you, once that is done, you can choose where MystickyElements will appear on your website which I choose the right-hand side as many people are accustomed to the right-hand side, then you can choose whether your subscriber can WhatsApp you, call you or just contact you making use of the forms that comes already with MystickyElements, you don’t mind to create contact forms by yourself when you are using myStickyElements because it comes with one that works fine.

So if you like, you can enable the WhatsApp, contact form and the direct call for your subscribers or you can enable only two or just one of the above means of contact as the case may be, all you just need to do is to add your registered WhatsApp line to myStickyElements and you are ready to go.


MystickyElements is very compact because all these three means of communication between the website users and the owners or operators are embedded in just one, you can even collapse it as shown below

and expand it back later on. Once you put the cursor on either the contact us or the WhatsApp, it will automatically bring out the contact form or the WhatsApp as the case might be and the user can easily contact you without any hassles.

You can make the download of myStickyelements here for free

STICKYNESS OF MyStickyElements

This is one of the reason it is called mystickyelements plugin, in that it follows your users across the screen and if peradventure they get to a portion of your website and needed to make a confirmation from you, they don’t need to be looking for your contact form or any other means of reaching out to you because mystickyelements is right there to make damn sure that they are quickly connected to the site operator without any hassle, and this helps to generate a lot of lead for internet markets thereby increasing their conversion rate.

Finally, to close this review, I will like to make a little recommendation to those that build this great plugin that they can try to allow the website admin or operators to add more than one WhatsApp number so that when the volume of queries becomes quite much, the work can be shared among numbers thereby still given them a better efficiency.

But all the same, this plugin is really good.

Make your own  download of myStickyelements here for free now

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