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Tank battle 3-D game is shooting game or action game if you like to call it so but the shooting is done through your tank or more so, you are commanding a tank to kill other enemy tanks.

As one who has played this game for a while now, let me share the review with you but I will be doing it by highlighting the good, the bad, and the ugly of the game.

The Good:

1. Tank battle 3-D game is an offline game, which means once you download the game, you don't need any further internet connection to play the game, just click on the game and it will load for you to play.

 2. The game is a single-player game, meaning you are not competing with other real people who might have an advantage over you due to superior phones or being in the game for long and know more tricks than you, therefore, destroying your tank with a single shot

 3. Tank battle 3-D game has a feature of auto lock which automatically locks on to the enemy tank, this feature takes a lot of stress out of the player and makes the game easier

The bad:
Tank battle 3-D graphics is quite okay but the graphics need to be toned down to make the environment more realistic, the tank colours are too bright and even the user interface is also too brightly coloured make it quite unrealistic.

Tank battle 3-D enemy tanks are either stationary or move once and become stationary again making them too easy a target for the player.

The ugly:

The game controls are way too complicated to use for the player, you will need to master the control before you can move around or manage your tank effectively.

To summarise this review, tank battle 3-D game is quite good if most of these controls can be refined to make it easier for the player of the game.



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