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If you are a lover of shooting games or war games, you might love to read this review of a game called war machines.

War machine is a game is a multi player game and a game you can only play with your data on, meaning in essence it is an online game between people of different countries. You will be assigned a tank after downloading and creating a profile and allowed to choose your flag.
So once you are set up to go, you are free to head to the battlefield  as the commander of your tank but how does the game measured up during battles?



War machines is a 3-D game and as such is expected to have a very rich background for a very good player user experience, the graphics of war machines is very rich and the user experience is very good to say the least.


The game control  are very responsive unless you are having troubles with your network connection which might make the games lag behind or even out rightly removing you from an ongoing game.


The game is free to download and to play although it contains in-app purchases that you can make to spice up your game like to purchase better ammo, premium tanks or even decals and patterns so as to give your tank special capabilities that will make your tank superior to your enemies tank.



War machines is quite addictive if you don't know how to manage your time, what makes it quite addictive is the daily missions which gives you free diamonds that you will need for the purchase of better tanks and at the same time upgrading of such tanks so it is either you spend real money on the game or you play for a long time to gain coins and diamonds  for the upgrade.

And if you join a clan which gives you more of free coins and diamonds if you win clan wars are even more demanding  to play to win because you will be competing with other people looking to win also and get free coins and diamonds and clan wars last for 48 hours and the clan with the highest number of kills wins the war. This usually comes up twice in a week.


You have to be connected to the internet before you can play this game, there is no two ways about this and if you don't have a steady connection in the area you are staying no need to  download  this game.


During  wars, you will mostly meet tanks that are vastly superior to your tank and the most annoying thing is that  some of these tanks will blow you apart with just one shot, so you will be forced naturally to upgrade your tank with ammo, decals and patterns  or outrightly buy a better tank that can match those superior tank. So the game is free to play but for you to enjoy it, it is either you spend a lot of time on the game or you spend real money.

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I have played this game before, the graphics are wonderful  and the control super but what I have come to discover about this game is that it is frequently updated and in the process, your device may be outdated by the game in which you will no longer  be able to update  nor play the game anymore thereby losing all your chest and ranks.

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I was most impressed by the 3D effects and graphics. I'm very grateful for any tools and ideas that may come in handy in creating a design. Moreover, I'm always very sensitive about any details. And I pay special attention to fonts and images. This source is just a godsend in this matter I recently picked up creative elements thanks to this.



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