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Recharge and get paid is a fairly but not new online business in Nigeria, that allowed subscribers to recharge their mobile lines, Gotv subscriptions, prepaid meters payments and some other payments allowed on their platform and in the process getting back a percentage of the amount used as commission back into their account, they are also allowed to recharge other peoples numbers also and even sell the amount in their account to others who are short of funds that will pay them back in physical cash either in cash or into their bank account.

So after a brief explanation of the business, I would like to give my own review of the business because my account with them is already a year plus, so I can give an unbiased view of the business and let you know whether it is a fraud or real.

First of all, the business is not a fraud, it is a multilevel marketing business, they might not tell you that when you are about to sign up just not to scare you away because they know that majority of people hates multilevel marketing business and lot of them in Nigeria are a fraud.

They have several packages like basic, bronze, silver, gold, diamond, platinum and executive platinum packages with different price tags like for  basic package goes for N5000, while bronze goes for N10,000, silver goes for N20,000 and so on

So what happens is that when you subscribe for the basic package at the price tag of N5000, your account will come preloaded with N1000 and 20PV (i.e. 20 point values) and if you go for the bronze package at the price of N10,000, your account will come preloaded with N2000 and 40PV, you can use the money to recharge your line or subscribe for your Gotv, while the PV is only used for awarding bonuses, below is a full list of all packages and the amount and PVs that comes with them.


If you only limit yourself to recharging both for yourself and others, you will not reap the benefits of the business because your PV will remain static and you will not have access to the big bonuses you can get form the business, the only way to increase your PVs is to either increase your subscription package with them or you refer more people to gain the business using your link or username as the referral, even if you upgrade your subscription with them, the maximum PVs you can get is limited to 200PV, which is the executive platinum package, so you are left with referring people. Below is the list of PVs available and the incentives attached to them.


You can then judge that you have no choice than to refer people unless you will never get anything but the little commissions from recharging.

So if you are a seasoned marketer and you are not afraid to tell people about something new and have strong convincing power, then this is a business for you because you will definitely reap the reward but if you are not good at marketing, I will advise you to stay off this business and look for something better. Just my 2 cents of advice though.



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