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APK Cargo and Logistics Services  is a company that deals with import and export and transportation of the same goods either imported or exported to our client at their various locations otherwise known as door-to-door delivery.

We are into exporting of goods from the shores of Nigeria to all other countries like United Kingdom(UK), United States of America(USA), Canada, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Germany to mention just a few, the rule is where there are people, we will get your luggage or goods there for you without any hassle or stress.

We do console otherwise known as groupage in our exports, what this means is that your luggage or goods will be grouped with other peoples goods going to the same country where it will be received and cleared at the airport over there and the agent will then send a message to the owner of the goods either for immediate personal pickup or home delivery as the case may be as decided by the client. Some of the benefits of console or groupage export are:

1. You won't have to worry yourself going to the airport to clear your goods or luggage by yourself as this will be done for you.

2. It is cheaper 

3. You will have the option of paying all your expenses here before exporting or paying a certain amount here while the owner over there will pay the rest at the point of claiming his goods. These are just some of the benefits.

While the other form of exporting we are into is called direct, In this form of exporting, only your goods will be exported as a whole and not grouped with any other goods, you will need to pay upfront here and the person over there will go to the airport to claim the goods, this is quite higher than the console type as you will be paying for the airway bill and documentations apart from the agent fee but so many people like this as they will be given their tracking number and will be able to track their goods by themselves.

 Well, what are you waiting for? patronize us today by contacting us on +234-812-786-0469 or visit our website or visit us at NAHCO EXPORT SHED, Muritala  Muhammed International Airport(MMIA), Hajj Camp ikeja Lagos.

below are some consignments ready for shipment:






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